• Depression/Anxiety/Stress Counselling
  • Relationships
  • Anger Management
  • Bereavement
  • Drug & Alcohol dependency
  • Life Coaching skills and more
    for individuals, groups and businesses.

Do you want to make some changes in your life, but feel unsure how to go about it?

One to one counselling with a qualified counsellor may help you to move forward.  Golden Leaf offers a creative approach that will help you understand yourself and your problems better.

I offer an Integrative service – that means that different ways (a portfolio approach) of counselling are woven together to suit the client – and am qualified to Masters Level (MA Integrative Counselling, York St John University).

Whether you like to be structured or non structured, you can be sure that you will be fully involved in the counselling process.  What happens will be largely up to you, but I will accompany you on your journey to a different way of looking at, and coping with, things.

Personal Endorsement by Dr. Martin Seager:


About Counselling in General…

Counselling is talking and listening…it’s two people working together on issues that you, the client bring to the session (usually 50-60  minutes long), and it has a focus on what you can change to feel in more control of your life. It’s bringing a perspective from OUTSIDE of your situation, from someone not part of your usual relationships.

What’s unique to Golden Leaf?

Golden Leaf looks at your life with you as something that grows and changes like leaves on a tree.  What worked for you years or even weeks
ago may not be working for you now, and sometimes it helps to have the perspective of someone outside your situation…this can help you
to make the changes that you feel you need to make your life more meaningful and more satisfying.
Looking at the whole of your life to see what patterns you want to keep and which ones you want to get rid of, can help give you new
direction and new hope.
You also work with a counsellor who is qualified to Masters level  in Integrative Counselling, (Person Centred, Psychodynamic and Behavioural approaches) and who has taught Counselling to university level.  The work is carried out in accordance with the BACP code of ethics, and by a counsellor with full personal indemnity insurance.  See: http://www.bacp.co.uk/ethical_framework/


Addictions (especially Drug and Alcohol related) ;
Relationship issues (singles, couples or family problems) ;
Life path choices and decisions
Special interests include:  Gender identity problems;  Mentoring; Dream work where appropriate (Jungian type Dream analysis)
Currently Studying:  Dementia:  its impact on the sufferer and relatives and friends (as at 08.15 – also appointed Trustee for Age Concern North Norfolk – Sheringham)

Prices and Terms

Golden Leaf offers you:

Counselling sessions of 50 – 60 minutes

Sessions cost £45,  £60 for couples
(concessions for unwaged, proven financial hardship, and full time students)

I commit to let you know in advance if I need to cancel…

What Golden Leaf requires of you:

  • pay on the day or in advance
  • contract to have a minimum of 4 sessions, with a review on the fourth session
  • let me know in good time if you need to cancel – if you don’t let me know you need to cancel with at least 24 hours notice, I reserve the right to ask you to pay for the missed session  –  genuine emergencies excepted!

(Full contract details available on request)


Golden Leaf counsels from a belief system that mankind has a spiritual dimension as well as a physical one… working  with the whole person, rather than with just the one issue that someone may present with.  I incorporate an existential outlook into my person centred counselling base, along with Gestalt and Behavioural working tools.

Since the past continually impacts on the present, I find that Freudian psychodynamic processes are useful for unravelling complex past influences.

I work with the beliefs of each client on an individual basis. I respect other belief systems (my own background is Christian) and have spent time studying other ways of faith. I meditate, practice yoga, have Jewish and Muslim friends, and believe in the use of other
techniques and disciplines, such as massage, acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology,  and the use of herbs.

I also use dream work and art and music  as appropriate and in agreement with you, the client, within my counselling sessions.

Carl Jung said of dreams (1939) in “Modern Man in Search of a Soul”:
The dream gives a true picture of the subjective state, while the conscious mind denies that this state exists, or recognizes it only grudgingly (p. 5).
He also comments:
It is the way of dreams to give us more than we ask (p. 5).
Making Meaning:  Many believe that some kind of faith is at the root of every meaningful action.

Golden Leaf believes that we all operate from a personal value system that guides our actions and our meanings.  We are not always aware what this value system is – it may have been passed on to us through family or other influences – it is good to know what your own values are.

“The paradox of faith is that we can never be certain of anything but we have to act as if it is so, in full knowledge that it may not be.”
(Van Deurzen & Adams, 2011: 152).